Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Snow Hike : What to Wear

     1. Synthetic or Wool T-shirt. Try Smartwool's 100% wool tops or Patagonia's Capilene.
     2. I like to look for cute button-up shirts made from synthetic materials...like this one.

     3. Down Jacket from Montbell. I love their fit and their color way.
     4. A warm wool sweater. Make sure it's 100% wool like this one from JCrew.

     5. You'll want something to keep you dry and to keep the wind out like this beauty from Patagonia.
     6. Or you might want something like this heritage coat from Woolrich. Vintage look. Practical.

     7. These quick-dry pants will keep you, well, dry!
     8. I have started to use synthetic leggings more and more. They're comfortable, look good, and keep
         me warm and dry.

     9. Wool. All the way. Smartwool never disappoints.
     10. Or try these more fashionable men's wool socks.

     11. Good ol' hiking boots. You might like something like these. Good ankle support. Keep your feet
     12. Duck boots? Yup. I wore these hiking all throughout the Lake District last year, and they never
           gave me any trouble, and they kept my feet dry. I think I'll try them out in the snow on Saturday.

     13. Wool hat from Ibex. I love this company that makes all of its products from New Zealand wool
           here in the U.S.
     14. I'm a sucker for a sailor beanie. This would keep you warm enough.

     15. Patagonia's women's gloves
     16. wool fingerless/mittens

These are just a few of my suggestions. You can mix and match, or do what works for you. My only warning is try not to wear cotton. When it gets wet from sweat or snow or rain it doesn't dry quickly and can cause you to get cold fast. Wool and synthetic materials dry much faster and keep you warm.


  1. I've bookmarked your blog and am already looking forward to read about your adventures and maybe get inspired :)
    One quick question because we've been pondering about it: What would you suggest to wear as a warm layer if you're ethically opposed to wearing down? I know there're several options but I thought I'd ask if you could suggest something. It can be tough when you want your clothes to 1) be free from animal products and 2) produced in fair labour. It's getting easier though :)

  2. Ilwen,

    Great question! Yes, it's easier to get synthetic "down" coats now...no animal products! Most outdoor brands carry a synthetic "down" coat now. Here's a link to Montbell's http://www.backcountry.com/montbell-thermawrap-pro-insulated-jacket-womens

    Hope this helps!

  3. Thank you Ann, that's definitely helpful. I've got the loveliest elegant winter coat for business but nothing fit for hiking or spending time outdoors longer than an hour for sledding. :)

  4. Thank you so much! This is very helpful!

  5. Found this list on Pintrest. What a life saver! Thanks... straight forward information and direct. I'm going snow showing the first time at Olympic National Park's Hurricane Ridge. It will be hard exertion ain harsh conditions. This helped me to prepare with many things on hand. Thanks for posting.